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Mission Statement

As citizens of Wilmington and New Hanover County, we are advocating for the construction of a multi-functional year-round aquatic facility in the area. An additional facility will increase local access to swimming in the region and provide relief to currently overwhelmed facilities. It will also allow citizens of all ages to enjoy the water in a safe environment throughout the year, contribute to the health and fitness of the entire population, and become a social and economic benefit to the region.  In addition, building the facility to Class A standards will provide a place for Wilmington and New Hanover County competitive swimmers to make waves!

Highlights from our March 6, 2024 meeting :
-We have joined with a larger development project who plan to include an aquatic center
-The initial plan includes a 3 pool design as well as a splash-pad style pool
-The location of the aquatic center is just north of Murrayville road, east of I-40
-A rendering will be forthcoming with fundraising beginning shortly afterwards
-Funding will be requested from the Endowment, city, county, state and federal funding as well as private donations.  Estimated cost of the Aquatic center project is $40-50 million.

What Is Our Vision?

A year-round aquatic center that supports a 50 meter competition pool, a 25 yard warm water pool, a 10 meter dive tower with a deep dive well, including meeting room (s) to administer “dry land” training and support conference needs. The facilities pictured below in North and South Carolina serve as examples of what our aquatic center might become.

Why Do We Need a Pool?

            • Recreation
            • Health & Fitness
            • Hydrotherapy
            • Learn-to-Swim Programs for Children, Adults, and Physically Challenged
            • Swim Teams
            • Lifeguard Training
            • Drownproofing
            • Water Training for Public Service Personnel
            • Scuba Training
            • Triathlete Training
            • Masters Swimming
            • Sports Tourism 

What Do We Have Now?

Here’s a list of our currently overwhelmed facilities in the Wilmington-New Hanover County regional area.

Committee Members

From left to right: Ralph Sepulveda, Laura Byrd, Bridget Phillips, Morgan Kondratick, Celia Wolff, Richard Bober

Not pictured: Aileen Sutton, John Jewell, Bob Ginsburg, Nelson Beaulieu (New Hanover County Board of Education)

Volunteer Opportunities

Sign Our Petition!

Our goal is to acquire 20,000 signatures from the Wilmington and New Hanover County registered voters. The petition has to be signed on paper and here are the places where you can visit in order to do so:

Toad Hollow Athletics
260 Racine Drive, Suite #6
Wilmington, NC

Rise Fitness Studio
1932 Oleander Drive, Unit C
Wilmington, NC

Ogden Family Chiropractic 
6624 Gordon Rd, Unit A,
Wilmington, NC

Sunset Slush 
906 Castle St.,
Wilmington, NC